How Do Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Eyes

The seasons will affect everyone differently. Most common are eye allergies that affect several people. This is characterized by swollen eyelids, itchy, burning sensation, or red eyes among others. Allergy symptoms and reactions are essentially the same for everyone, regardless of the specific allergens they are allergic to.

Seasonal allergies, on the other, had can only be brought on by direct contact with elements, like pollen, grass, and some type of flowers. Here is how seasonal allergies affect your eye in Fountain Valley, CA.

Teary Eyes 

During the summertime, your eye will consider things like pollen and dust as foreign. This will cause your eyes to be teary as it tries to discharge off the foreign elements. This will lead to constant eye irritation and itchiness. This could be considered as the eye’s way of protecting itself from these alien substances.

Eye Itchiness 

During the different seasons, the atmosphere will be laden with different allergens, which may find their way into your eyes. Allergy-free individuals will likely have little to no reactions to these changes in the environment. Pollen and dust can irritate those with allergies, resulting in itching and other symptoms.

Sudden Swelling of the Eyelids

This is a common occurrence at the turn of the season. Excessive eye-cleaning and irritation might lead to this condition. The skin covering the eyes will appear swollen when it is subjected to constant rubbing.

Irritating Red Eyes

Different seasons will affect people differently. Severe eye redness that comes along with other symptoms might be brought on by seasonal changes. When you are affected by allergies, the capillaries in the eye appear to be particularly red. This is a clear indication of a seasonal allergy that will affect different seasons, depending on the allergens available at the time.

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