Dry Eye Treatments- Home Treatments Vs. Office Treatments

When you suffer from dry eyes, you can experience a lot of discomfort and irritation throughout the day. You may want to find relief to improve your ability to see clearly and feel like yourself again. There are a few treatments to compare when you’re getting relief at home or in an office to determine which methods are the most effective.

Unblocking Oil Glands

You can use warm compresses on your eyes to unblock the oil glands and have more tear production. Your eye doctor may also use a thermal pulsation device to unclog the glands, which can be more effective if your symptoms are more severe.

Washing the eyelids can also reduce irritation and will control the inflammation.

Over-the-Counter Products

There are many different over-the-counter products you can use to treat dry eyes, which don’t require obtaining a prescription. Artificial tears can offer relief, as well as ointments and gels. Artificial tears are known to be effective if you have mild dry eyes. Opt for using non-prescription eye drops that you can use up to four times each day to avoid irritation with frequent use.

Some tear-stimulating prescription drugs are also available through optometrists to increase your tear production, which can allow you to find an immediate treatment that delivers long-term results.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is an effective and advanced treatment method for dry eyes, which includes massaging the eyelids. This encourages tear production and can reduce inflammation and redness that are present.

Special Contact Lenses

When you’re working with an optometrist to treat dry eyes, you’ll need an eye exam and a test that measures your tear production to determine which treatment options will be the most effective. Your eye doctor may want you to wear special contact lenses that trap moisture and prevent irritation.

By understanding the different treatment options that are available at home and with your optometrist, it can be easier to get the relief you need. Working with an eye doctor will make it easier to find the best option for your needs and find a long-term method that is effective.