How Does Orthokeratology Work?

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in the body. Whether you’re at work or relaxing at home, the slightest disruption to your vision can cause problems in your everyday life. With the increase in computer use, reading, and driving, it’s easy to forget that our eyesight can become a serious problem. There are many different types of eye correction lenses that can be used to correct myopia, hypermetropia, and presbyopia. Each lens has a specific purpose in correcting the eye’s vision. Depending on which type is used, the lenses may or may not correct astigmatism too.

What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology is a procedure used to correct vision without the use of traditional contact lenses. Orthokeratology allows the correct vision correction using a set of specially designed eyeglasses. It is currently used to correct vision in children with myopia or astigmatism. Orthokeratology can also be used to treat presbyopia and reduce the risk of cataracts in people who have high levels ofopia. Ortho-K uses special eyeglasses that are used in combination with a gas-permeable contact lens. The lenses soften the eye’s outer surface, reduce ocular asymmetry, and increase the level of oxygen needed by the eye.

Benefits of Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology has several advantages in comparison to other contact lens correction methods. Although the lenses are worn at night, no sedation is required and there is no discomfort experienced when wearing the lenses. The patient can continue his or her daily routines while wearing the lenses. Furthermore, the correction is not invasive and there are no incisions made in or around the eye.

How does Orthokeratology work?

Orthokeratology has been proven to be a safe, effective, and convenient method of vision correction. The procedure involves placing small tubes in the cornea of the eye that are filled with water. As the lenses absorb oxygen, they expand due to heat, which creates a vacuum in the eye. The result is that thinner corneal tissue is removed from the front of the eye and replaced with thicker tissue behind it. This technique replaces almost all of the corneal tissue while correcting myopia, hypermetropia, and/or presbyopia.

Is Ortho-K Comfortable?

Orthokeratology is a comfortable procedure due to the fact that there is no discomfort, irritation, or pain experienced when wearing the lenses. While in the eye, there is more oxygen pressure than normal. Although it is not necessary to sleep while wearing the lenses, the patient should work with their doctor on a specific schedule.


Orthokeratology is a safe and effective treatment for those who suffer from myopia, hypermetropia, and presbyopia. It is an inexpensive procedure that replaces the need for prescription glasses or contacts. Orthokeratology can be used in conjunction with contact lenses, depending on which correction method is used. Ortho-k can be performed on patients of any age; however, it’s best to wait until kids are at least 16.