Back to School Eye Exams: Why Kids Should Undergo a Yearly Eye Exam

As children grow and develop, their eyesight can change at any time. Whether they spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen or have issues seeing further away, it’s important to monitor their vision and eye health at any age. As their parent, there are a few reasons why it’s important to schedule an eye exam for your child each year.

Check for Any Diseases

One of the main reasons eye exams are necessary is because it can allow an eye doctor to detect any eye diseases that may be developing. Optometrists can check for any signs that indicate certain conditions may be developing. This gives them the chance to get an idea of the patient’s eye health and obtain any treatment that may be needed. Surgery may also be scheduled to ensure issues are corrected before they start to escalate over time. Many different eye issues are easier to treat at an early age rather than later on in life.

Update Prescriptions

Eye exams can allow children to get a new prescription for their glasses to ensure they can continue to see well. Some children aren’t aware that their vision has changed, which can affect their performance at school and with activities they’re involved in throughout the week. With a new prescription, it can correct vision issues to improve their ability to complete different types of tasks. Many times, developmental delays are fixed once the child’s prescription is updated.

Address Complaints

Annual eye exams allow children to have the opportunity to discuss any complaints they may have about their eyes, whether they tend to get dry or they’re always irritated. The optometrist will get to the root of the issue and can diagnose any minor or major issues that are developing.

Once you learn about why children need an eye exam each year, it can be a lot easier to prioritize it to ensure your kids’ eye health is monitored as they get older. The best time for an eye exam for children is before school starts in the fall. This ensures your child’s vision needs are addressed before the school year. This can benefit every area of their life and allow them to feel more confident performing different tasks throughout the day.